Therapeutic Yoga

This work is about embodiment. It’s bringing
your body to therapy. We move, breath and
listen to what the body has to share – because,
after all, we store all of our experiences in our
body. So, how do we stay in relationship to what
we have experienced and work to process and
transform those elements that may be causing
dis-ease, un-rest, anxiety or any other number of
emotions or behaviors that are showing up?
Therapeutic yoga invites conversation, action,
integration and empowerment into the work we
do together on the mat. There is no agenda, no
diagnosis, no “way” other than your way. My
training is in being present and holding
unconditional positive regard for whatever
arises and trust that it shows up as a teacher.

Individual Sessions
Small Group Sessions
Couples Therapeutic Yoga
Therapeutic Life Mentoring

Areas of Expertise:
Disordered Eating
Military Trauma